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Along with our staff, Ashby also works in tandem with numerous other Health Service providers:


Deana Mitry (Mental Health Social Worker)

Deanna Mitry

Hi I'm Deana, an accredited mental health worker with a passion for working with those struggling with their mental health.

I believe that compassion, trust, understanding and non-judgemental interactions are the key to a positive counselling experience

and I work to empower individuals to acheive the goals and life they want for themselves.

I specialise in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma, eating disorders, care support, grief

and loss and suicide prevention and postvention.

I understand that it can be hard to find the right 'fit' with therapy and that meeting with a counsellor can be scary. My aim is to work

alongside you at all times, especially when things feel really tough and to work together to uncover what's underlying the issues

bringing you to therapy.

I enjoy working collaboratively with individuals to utilise their strengths; and use kindness and humour to create a safe space

for individuals to eplore their experiences. I am trauma informed, recovery focused and person centred, and strive to create a safe space

to unpack what's going on in your world.


Call (02) 9100 0817 for an appointment


Laverty Pathology



A Laverty Pathology collection centre is located within the practice.

Patients require a pathology request form to have blood collected but do not require an appointment.

Please see our friendly staff at the front desk to be directed to the collection room.

The collection centre is open Monday to Friday from 8am-12pm.



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